February 7, 2007


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Advocacy Program

The primary purpose of our advocacy program is to assist urban Aboriginal Women access and effectively negotiate social services i.e. ODSP, OW and Children’s Aid Societies etc.

Our program coordinates resources with other Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal agencies to inform their clients of the services available through the Native Women’s Advocacy Worker.

The Advocacy worker regularly visits other non-profit organizations to gather information to build a viable user friendly resource library for clients and develop information sharing.

Our Services…

  • Clients Dealing with Children’s Aid Societies Involvement.
  • Criminal Justice Involvement.
  • Financial, OW (Community start up), ODSP or EI.
  • Referrals To Addiction Counseling.
  • Grief Counseling.
  • Counseling for Trauma, Domestic Violence, and Mental Health Issues.
  • Employment Preparation Courses.

The Advocacy Program works closely with:

  • Spirit of the People
  • Human Resource Sevelopment Canada
  • Aboriginal Legal Services
  • Native Men’s Residence
  • Open Door Centre
  • Metis Nation of Ontario
  • St. Stephens
  • Youth Employment Services
  • Two Spirited People of the First Nations

For more info, contact:

Lana Jackson
(416) 963-9963