Life Skills Program

February 7, 2007


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Life Skills Program

What does Life Skills program provide?

The overall object of the Life Skills Program is to provide the learning opportunity for people to develop the skill and attitude to function successfully in six areas in life:

1. Self
2. Family
3. Leisure
4. Community
5. Employment
6. School

Life Skills delivers the presentations on various topics to the learners in group setting using an experiential format which include interactive exercise in the following areas:

  • Self-Awareness explores relationship, community skills, developing assertiveness, decision-making, and problem solving.
  • Back to school preparations includes time management, study skills, goal setting. Presentations and guest speakers from various academic and community institutions.
  • Job readiness covers goal setting, career planning and research, resume and cover letters, job search and interviewing skills.
  • Self-Care includes stress management, self-esteem building.

Life Skills:

1) Self-Awareness5) Computer Skills 9) Building Healthy Relationships
2) Study Skills6) Motivation Skills10) Moving Toward Self-Sufficiency
3) Empowerment7) Traditional Teachings11) Conflict Resolution Skills
4) Personal Growth Skills8) Interviewing Skills

Workshops held Every Tuesday 10:00am – 3:30pm
& evening workshops at the last Monday of each Month

For more info, contact:

Darlene King
(416) 963-9963 ext. 228