February 7, 2007


The Native Women’s Resource Centre is a culturally-based organization that delivers programs and services to empower and enrich Native women and children to build strong families and communities.

The idea for the centre was conceived by a group of Native women with a vision for a place where urban Native women could gather to meet, to talk and to council. The Centre first opened its doors with a humble start of 1985 in a basement office referred to endearingly as “The Pit”. Today the Centre is a major gathering place for a thriving community where women gather formally or informally to council or take advantage of the services provided there.

The NWRC delivers programs and service to women of Native

ancestry. Our services include, but are not limited to education, support services, and self-help groups. Programs are initiated and designed specifically for Native women and aim to ensure approaches are holistic and culture-based.

The Native Women’s Resource honors the Traditional Teaching of our Elders. We believe that these teachings are essential to the continued survival of our people. We of the Native Women’s Centre also believe in our ability to initiate, manage, and provide our own services.

The Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto, Inc. is registered as an incorporated non-profit organization. It facilities are located on 191 Gerrard Street East, Toronto, Ontario.

Programs offered by the N.W.R.C.

  Literacy and Basic Skills       Student Advancement Program
       Housing Program       Investing In Women’s Futures
       Advocacy Program       Pimaatisiwin Program
       Life Skills Program       Nurturing The Inner Circle
       Coming Full Circle       Ongoing Activities


Individuals may be admitted to the Board as a member by making a request to the Corporation. They must be female and at least eighteen years of age. Request for membership must be made in a form and manner that may be prescribed by the Board from time to time. Persons or other individuals such as corporations, partnerships and other similar entities shall not be eligible for membership.

There are no membership fees.

Board of Directors

Persons qualified to become directors of the Corporation shall be females who are at least eighteen years of age and who are members of the Corporation a the time of becoming a director or become members within fourteen days of becoming a director. All Directors must of Native descent with the exception of a maximum of two directors of non-Native descent on the Board at any given time

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