Investing In Women’s Futures

February 7, 2007


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Investing in Women’s Futures

Promoting self-sufficiency through healing building healthy relationships and inspiring women to work toward financial independence through learning new career and self-employment strategies.

We will achieve this goal through a holistic, culture-based prevention program that will address the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs of Native women.

Our methods of healing such as sweat lodge teaching and ceremonies, fasting retreats, healing retreats, women’s teaching, rites of passage ceremonies as part of our approach to help participants achieve personal healing, wellness, and growth.

We provide Pre-Employment Training support, education, and skill development in exploring career pathways in our “Journey to your dream career” workshop series. Participants gain insight in making best decisions in the career direction and choices.

We offer Self-Employment Training for women who have a business idea, each client receives business training and skill development which results in the creation of a viable business plan. She will receive ongoing support during the startup and development stage of her business.

Program Activities

Healing and wellness using culture-based methods:

  • Sweats and traditional teachings
  • Building healthy relationships workshop series
  • Women’s healing retreat
  • 13-week Native based curriculum on healthy self-esteem building

Pre-employment Training:

  • Enhances career assessment and development to become employment ready
  • Networking
  • Resume writing, interview skills
  • Work internship

Native Women’s Employment Training Program:

  • Developing and implementing a viable business plan
  • Market research and promotion
  • Presentation skills
  • Funding sources
  • One on one business consulting

Also included are: a mentorship program, woman’s success career circle, image and professional make-overs, leadership and team building and basic computer training.

For more info, contact:

Cathy Morningstar-Flynn
(416) 963-9963 ext. 233